i want a piano i want to play i want a library and read all the books i’d like a glass of water please i want schubert’s impromptus never to end i want to invent anything an aircraft a moon magnifier or wings i want to invent a few pictures i want a cat and i want a coffee machine i want the perfect song and have you got some light please i want a window and i want it to open on another window i want to be cold and the next minute i’ll want to be warm i want huge avenues and i want spring i want a few yellow flowers that never die i want to know the way to where i’m not and i want another cigarette please i want to know the sounds i want to learn some trees names i want a paintbrush and green paint i want a new dictionnary and i want new words i want perfection but i want imperfection and i really would like another coffee please i want a face and i want eyes i don’t recognize i want a score to write i want telephone numbers i want foreign accents i want to remember always these moments i want cello notes i want a thousand pictures pinned on those walls and i’d like one kilogram of strawberries please i want a film of you and you and you too, yes and a film of you and of you and of you of course yes and i want to dance with you i want new york city each night in my dreams i want a laptop i want to endlessly walk i want to see space i want perfect words i want some time i want a schoolbook and new pens i want to draw what’s in my mind i want red doors and pretty new keys i want that train to never stop and i want a comforting shadow i want an instant under an ocean i want to sleep in strange cities i want snow in summer i want a sound that feels like a whisper i want a black and white film and i want a sleepy hair scent i want an used travel book i want a dozen new shelves i want worn out shoes i want a clock that always says the time it’s been since the last time and i want an old wooden sailing boat i want a parachute that i never need to open and i’d like to know you, please.


(big version ici)

… when I’m watching the news

… but even more when I’m not watching the news