Kyiv: on Grushevsky street barricade

Kyiv, january 2014 : after the violent clashes opposing the anti-government protesters and the police forces, a ceasefire is agreed upon. And while the politics try to find a way out of the crisis, a long waiting falls on Grushevsky street, where temperatures reach -20° C.

The Forgotten Exodus

Fleeing from the violence, around 135.000 Ivorians have found refuge in the villages of neighbouring Liberia. Exhausted and without resources, they try to survive with the incredible solidarity of the Liberians, and wait to be able to go back home.

A Citizen list in Sevran

In the suburbs, citizen lists campaigning for the municipal elections are present in one city out of two. [feb 2014]

Presidential Election in Russia

Presidential election in Moscow [march 2012]

Pushkin Square

Since december 4th 2011 and the legislative election, suspected of massive fraud, a protest movement has spread across Russia. Even though the opposition to the regime is nothing new, it is the first time in 20 years that as many people of all ages and background have gathered in the streets of the main cities. [march 2012]


French presidential campaign – 2012

A Rally

First big rally of communist candidate Nathalie Arthaud for the french presidential election, in Montreuil. [Feb. 2012]

National Voodoo Day in Benin

On January, 10th 2009, Benin celebrated Voodoo during the National Voodoo Day, a holiday which takes place each year since 1996.

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