a year or two ago

i’m an instant and i’m patient as a century, and i hold back what i look back and i taste the taste,
i contemplate for a moment just a fragment, i can’t see from a distance, i walk further to discover what i’m not able to focus,
i’m a passage and a way, i open doors, i look in and i wait, i’m a lake with tides, i come to lick your feet and withdraw and hide,
i’m no one in the frame, i’m the picture, maybe i’m blur, maybe i’m also the walker, maybe i must stay and maybe i must wander,
this was a year ago, and this was tomorrow, i’m an instant and i’m patient as a century, i’m a circle and i’m the center, i’m where i’ve begun and i’m my own end…

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Thursday, 29 July 2004

Merci pour les photos, et pour la photo.
Looking through a century and unable to focus, hey? That explains a lot of (pretty magical) things…


Saturday, 31 July 2004

photography is all about magic…

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