bend over me once again, i won’t hold my breath and i won’t count the seconds i promise,
my head was full of your torments and hurricanes, the strings of the storms that you tie with your smiles,
bend over me once again and i’ll listen to your murmurs this time instead of feeding my eyes with your eyes, this box of kaleidoscopes you open up with your talks, i’ve got an enveloppe filled with white sheets for you for every word you slice and the precise geometry of your imagination, the graphics and designs that map out my illusions,
bend over me once again and give me a drink and narcotics i want to sleep and i can pretend that i’m sick if we both are if my bad habits are the rules, you have to follow me uptown that’s where i live and make my bed, tomorrow it will be fifty years that we didn’t make promises, let’s celebrate.
bend over me once again and close your eyes, they burn through me through the pillow and the sheets and make me feel giddy, bend over me once again and count to three, one and i could use an embrace, two and i’ll hold on with a kiss, three…
bend over me once again…

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Saturday, 31 July 2004

Je suis souffl?e, ?mue, intrigu?e, admirative… et j’en passe. Ce texte est magnifique. Bordel.


Saturday, 7 August 2004

je voulais ?crire un petit mot plein de mercis pour te r?pondre, du genre qui dise vraiment merci parce que ?a, venant de toi, et ben…mais…je trouve rien de plus que merci. sinc?rement. simplement.

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