every bit

bite after bite that’s fine just take everything out of me, take every sound take every frame the snapshot has said in a whisper that you can, it’s written down below with the exquisite words that my hand couldn’t draw cause i’m still new to the game and i can’t tend to reach any of your goals. a glimpse for a glimpse and a light for a light i’m swallowing my wants with your sight just take another bite and i’ll swallow my pride, i’m too weak to resist and there’s no need to exist if i’m trashed down to the bitter half of me, we cut out our prints in the hope to make them fit for a world we thought we owned, there’s no such a place you know it, there is no way to gather the bits and i don’t have to give a breath for something that i didn’t create. later i will know i will remember how i cannot belong to anyone or to any vision nothing is mine and that’s just me, so go on pretending that i’m not here.

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Sunday, 19 September 2004

Think I’ve seen this picture before, elsewhere… Which somehow clashes with the text, the feeling to be left alone, unconnected…


Sunday, 19 September 2004

yes, the picture can seem like some other railway pictures. it’s interesting that you feel that it clashes with the text, because i chose it only for the effect, like an image that’s slowly erased, that’s fading, which is how i relate it to the text. unconnected is so accurate here…

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