but i long for this place i’ve never been to and that i know yet somehow. and as i watch the stars of light made up by reflections and an endless moon behind the clouds, i’m reminded of it, some red sands, sharp mountains and dry bushes i’ve never seen, it’s all buried deep inside me and as i watch slow motion water flow in my screen, i’m mesmerized, i’m hypnotized and i’m hoping it’s washing it all away but i have to find the right speed first.
well, if i don’t fly the whole mess into the sea first… that’s always been the thing with me. i’m already so far.
i long for this place i’ve never laid my eyes upon, for i believe it’s strangely connected to who i am or will be.
i have the right speed.
i only have to find the right music now.
then follow its rhythm.

dire un truc ?