i’m dreaming of roads, of lancinating rhythms, of states between sleep and half-sleep, i’m dreaming of half-dreams. i’m dreaming of faded colours, of splinters of red, of rain and blur, i’m dreaming in grainy black and white. i’m seeing many faces, i’m seeing poorly lit interiors, i’m seeing green mountains and dark paths. i’m dreaming of cities that don’t exist, of desertic countries, of people i don’t know.
i’ve dreamt we were walking on a maze of electric lines and you were holding my hands in yours. damn, i’ve dreamt of your eyes again. it’s time to leave once again soon and i’ll never know you.

Sixto Rodriguez – Sugarman

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Thursday, 1 May 2008

tr?s belle musique…pour un joli texte
mais ? qui appartient cette voix?

dire un truc ?