Isicathamiya, the zulu blues

They soflty dance and sing a capella. In the townships and hostels where the migrants workers live, the time has stopped for these choirs of men. Immaculate white gloves, shining shoes, three-pieces suits… They stand in circle around their “lida”, their chief… [apr. 2009]

Neither Serbs nor Albanians

“Here’s the end of the world”, Nazim jokes, showing the lost valley and the mountain road that stops just before him. The young 24 years old man is Gorani, one of Kosovo’s ethnic minories living in the south of the young country. [may 2009]

The refugees of Central Church

April 2009. For the past 5 years, the Central Methodist Church in Johannesburg had become the last refuge for hundreds of zimbabweans who fled their country. [april 2009]

Voodoo traditions in Benin

A collection of images of Voodoo traditions and practices in Benin. [jan. 2009]

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