“…i’ll try not to expect you to give as much as i think i do.”

rhythms of life, cycles of days and change of seasons, where do they lead us ?
we all start at some point, trying to figure out a goal at which to aim, our bodies and minds tense by focusing too long on some distant point that we can barely see.

meanwhile, rhythms of life, cycles of days and change of seasons show us the way, a path that we see nothing of, because our eyes are staring in the vague space in front of us, or staring at our own nose, preoccupied by our daily occupations, cares and worries.

but i keep in mind that it’s the way that defines the goal and not the contrary, that there’s much more to learn from our own paths than from each goal that we reach.

it’s like climbing a mountain. you may have the most beautiful view from the top, which is why you want to attain it, but since you’ll spend the most time climbing, better learn to enjoy your walk, too, and after all, the best memories i have from my teenage mountain climbs with my brothers weren’t the tops we’d rest on for awhile, they’re from far, the times spent walking and climbing, struggling for breath often, feeling the sun on our faces, and our endless talks that had much more meaning that we were aware of at that time…

we’re all the ones with pretty words in our smiles, planets circling on different orbits, growing to learn our own life rhythms, waiting for a change in the air to decide which season we are and what we’re supposed to do according to the period of the year. but today, i think, i feel, it could just be an afternoon late april, if i want.

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Wednesday, 28 January 2004

on se refait la ballade du col du puychassou un de ces quatres ?

ou les gorges du pouchelou ?


Thursday, 29 January 2004

ou les lacs egorgeou, ou for?an, un bivouac sur les rives du malrif, avec vue imprenable sur les nuages du mont viso ou au pire le col agnel ou le sommet buchet…c’est quand tu veux :D

dire un truc ?