i don’t really know how i feel. too cold and too hot.
the pressure is slowly fading away,
but i’m still shaking. exhaustion.
i can’t stop moving. i get up, sit down, only to get up again.
my eyes burn a bit and i’m drinking far too much coffee. black and strong.
i haven’t slept enough for a couple of weeks, but i have slept too much at the same time.
i don’t really know how i feel.

i hope that the music would sooth me a bit. i have to do something.
so i light another cigarette.

300 hundred pictures to look at.
[edit 17.39] 300 hundred :eek: just three hundred, actually. [/edit]
i have to choose the best ones, and work on them.
i have to prepare a small exhibition. deadline : 10 days.
i have to plan my week. make the best out of the limited time i have. concerts. probably promo press sessions sometimes soon. the short movie soon, too.
can i handle everything ?

i can’t help but grin when i come to think that i still haven’t begun to prospect the musical paper press.
i can’t help.
i want to do everything right. perfect. at the right time. perfect.

this perfection thing makes me think about a test i’ve taken two days ago, about Jung’s typology. it’s a bit hard to explain. i’m not sure i got it all, actually.
but i’ve found out i’m an INFP. i’m not going to explain what it is here.
just that my type’s description is far too coherent with what i know of myself.

more work awaits. i’m too cold again. shivering.
maybe i’ll have another coffee. black and strong.
still shaking.

i light another cigarette…

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Sunday, 29 February 2004

ok, now I know I won’t propose you any cup of coffee tonight at home after dinner. see ya.


Monday, 1 March 2004

and tonight was exactly what i needed to calm me down and relax me…
thanks :)

Monday, 1 March 2004

You’re welcome dear, it’s always a pleasure seeing you. (and damn shit I did pour some coffee in your cup !!!)


Monday, 1 March 2004

you did ??? oh, that would explain why it felt okay to spend two hours working on concert pictures when i got back home ;)

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