feels like making love.
but you’ve never made love
and there’s nothing i can say
so i turn on the engine :
meet me tomorrow at four
i’ll wait for you in the middle
of another busy day
is there anything you need ?
is there anything special i can bring ?
just anything you want to give,
and you look around
and gaze at this world for a little while,
i’m never satisfied and
this is more than taking a chance
we don’t have to catch a plane yet so
let’s take our time.

there’s a ton of it to be made,
you say, you smile, you laugh.
why don’t you give me your head ?
oh but no you are precise
you move slowly and your words
hesitate at the corner of your mouth
there are invisible ties
from your never resting eyes
to my head and my hands
and i do understand it all
it’s just that i’m not used to it
at all
we’re both pulling strings
and playing this serious game
we’re each other’s puppet
look away, you say
and you wait
until i can forget myself
this is a remote side to our lives
and you were right
let’s take our time.

it’s like making love, you say
except that you’ve never made love
there is your final gesture
and i bind myself to your eyes
don’t look away,
you drop peace and silence
into the room,
outside i know the rhythm
cab drivers circling around
looking for me like a prey
and there’s a man walking down
with flowers in his hand,
outside i know, i live within
the crazy heartbeat of this gigantic city
i feel in my veins the rush, the time speeding
through every corridor and hallway
between every streelight, car wheel
and disguised women heel,
but right now and right here
i’m in your light and i think
we’re gonna be all right
and i’m not looking away
and patiently
you wait.

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Thursday, 8 December 2005

there’s no need to hurry, beautiful lyrics

Friday, 9 December 2005

great stuff

Friday, 9 December 2005

ich verstehe nichts


Monday, 12 December 2005

ahhhh, tr?s int?ressant…

do you ever wonder why you wander randomly into certain neighborhoods?

what did you always have to say about coincidences?


Tuesday, 13 December 2005

thank you griz and the grooveblaster !

boultan : “ach, es war eine dunkle und stormy Nacht” (Snoopy – les oeuvres compl?tes en googleallemand)
(mais je dois pr?ciser que je ne comprends pas toujours le sens global de ce que j’?cris…)

putty : ah good questions… i don’t wonder why most of the time, and if i did, i guess i’d say that i was looking for something. even if i wouldn’t know what.
now do you wonder why you do ?
about coincidences hmm hmm… was it that sentence that began with “i” and ended up with “don’tbelieveincoincidences” ?
or the one that expressed some sort of belief that things happen for a reason – even if we’re not able to find a rational one ?

Tuesday, 13 December 2005

*Snoopy en gothique* *wishlist amazon* *bient?t Nouell*

dire un truc ?