top 5 bitter-sweet movies that tragically tell stories of love & loss & love & regrets & love & things that make you cry when you’re out of chocolate & having your PMS or that really never make you even sigh because you’re tougher than that, yeah right.

5-vanilla sky
4-any movie with ingrid bergman
3-the good the bad & the ugly hana bi
2-the remains of the day
1-eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

top 5 rag-time jazz or blues thingy with or without piano that make you wish your tape player wasn’t broken

5-fats waller – laughin’ cryin’ rag
4-claude bolling – perfect rag
3-fats domino – blueberry hill
2-gershwin – rhapsody in blue – piano solo
1-wiener & doucet – chopinata

top 5 movies with gershwin & NY in them or not

5- notorious
4-any movie with katharine hepburn
3-high art
2-eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
1-annie hall

top 5 songs that make you want to film things and stuff and make weird musical videos mostly in your head and a bit on a computer just for the fun of it :

5-noir d?sir & yann tiersen – ? ton ?toile
4-interpol – NYC
3-dandy warhols – mohammed
2-landscape – we
1-carp – tokyo

top 5 leonard cohen’s songs that aren’t too dark but yeah, a bit still but not that much if you consider it…oh ok, just top 5 leonard cohen’s songs :

5-master song
4-stranger song
3-you know who i am
2-it seems so long ago, nancy
1-winter lady

top movie of all times that has gershwin & NYC in it and that tells tragically of love & loss & love again but without any leonard cohen song it in, which is just fine, otherwise maybe it would make you sob in your pillow and eat chocolate, or maybe not after all since there’s woody allen in it :

dire un truc ?