a brief idea of what perfection means to me, because perfection is important, perfection means beauty and perfection is beautiful, in some way perfection is life and it’s important to talk about life sometime in the deepest and most profound way in a philosophical sense and it’s important to try to find the meaning of life, so ideas of perfection can be found in about everything, like some people would probably say god but i don’t agree so let’s go for something more simple with less metaphysics and divine stuff even though perfection is divine in some way but as god is possibly as drunk as i’ll ever be it would be silly to talk about anything divine right now, so let’s just talk about perfection and maybe you’ll think that i’m gonna tell things about art and beauty and photographs and little beautiful instants and being infinite and all but it’s really late, right ? so let’s go for something simple and easily understandable for me right now and right now my own private idea of perfection is this :

– holidays
+ friends
+ house in south france
+ wii

but of course, each item separately is in itself a little bit of perfection.
next time, i’ll talk about something even more serious and important, like fun according to kant and heidegger and the freudian implications of a ping pong match bare feet in the grass.

dire un truc ?