A young girl in Kashmir
Kashmiri girl – december 2010

Some pictures stay with you, whether you choose it or not. Whether they’re good or bad. Whether they open a story or can never find their right place.
This one never made it to any 12 pictures edits I did recently. Not because it’s bad, it was one of my favorites, not because all the others were better. It’s just that it didn’t really fit in the story and 12 or 15 pictures doesn’t leave room for pictures that can’t be justified. That’s one of the things I’ve been learning recently.
But the real pity is that most editors who’ve seen this story like the pictures and like the story. But the story itself don’t fit, Kashmir isn’t in the news it appears.
Meanwhile, this picture stays with me, quietly.

It’s okay, I’ve been learning a lot of things these last weeks.

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